Meet Emilia


Emilia has always been interested in sewing and design. Before owning her clothing store in Houston, she worked for a local school, making costumes for their theater productions and events. Emilia’s dream to open her own store came to fruition after realizing there was a market for her designs. With support from Grameen America, Emilia used her first loan to purchase stock and new sewing tools to grow her business.

Emilia’s store offers traditional apparel for children and adults. She creates her own designs which are handmade for her diverse clientele. The business also offers clothing alteration services, and Emilia employs a tailor to assist with this side of the business.  


Emilia found out about Grameen America through a friend who invited her to attend a center meeting. After hearing about the benefits of the program, Emilia became a member. Now at her weekly center meetings, Emilia repays her loan and the members work together to ensure each woman is supported by a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

For Emilia, her favorite part of having her own business is being her own boss. Emilia is happily married and aside from spending time with her family, she focuses all her energy on the growth of her business.

Emilia is an avid saver and puts money away for emergencies and towards business ideas that she would like to bring to life in the future. Her credit score has also increased considerably since joining Grameen America.  

By having access to loan capital, Emilia has been able to fill her store with quality clothing for her customers. With the success of her store, Emilia is a role model in her community. In the future, Emilia hopes to hire additional employees to expand her tailoring services.

“Grameen America has changed my life through helping me to grow my business. I believe all effort has its reward and that you must work hard to meet your goals.”