Meet Yubelki


Yubelki and her husband have operated their grocery store in Newark for over two years. Back in the Dominican Republic, Yubelki ran a similar business but due of the state of the economy, she decided to move to the United States with her family.

When Yubelki brought the grocery store, a fellow business owner told her about Grameen America. She was curious how a loan could transform her business and was eager to join the program.

Before becoming a member, Yubelki sold packaged food, iced drinks, cleaning goods, and empanadas at her store. With the extra capital, Yubelki renovated the business to add a kitchen and a glass display case at the back of the market. They now serve freshly made sandwiches and sell meat and cheese to the public. This growth would not have been possible without having access to a low-interest loan.

“With help from Grameen America, I’ve been able to buy all the things that I need for my store. When we opened, we only started with a small range. But as we’ve grown—with the help of our loans—we’ve added more and will continue to expand.”

Now, any income that Yubelki makes is reinvested back into her business. As a member of Grameen America, Yubelki can access a no-fee savings account. As Yubelki has progressed through the program, the opportunity to build her credit score has produced a lasting effect on her financial history. In the future, Yubelki wants to open a second grocery store, and credits Grameen America with having transformed her business.

Yubelki has one daughter who is nine years old. Her daughter loves music and has recently started playing the piano. Yubelki’s dream is for her daughter to pursue a career in music and with a bustling storefront business, she now has the means to support her extracurricular activities.  

Yubelki’s advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs is clear.

“Start small like I did. I was able to be successful with my business, and I believe other women can achieve the same success in the future.”