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Meet Brenda

Brenda has always enjoyed helping her friends decorate and plan their parties. Three years ago, she joined Grameen America and was able to turn her hobby into a business. A new video features Brenda and her story of transformation.

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Meet Aracely

Aracely sells a range of items at her store in Omaha, Nebraska—everything from jewelry to electronics. With 13 microloans—and counting—from Grameen America, she has been able to expand her inventory and sell an even wider variety. She says her life has been transformed since she stopped working at a meat factory, opened her own store, and joined Grameen America.

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Meet Irene

Irene used to struggle to make ends meet, but now she runs a thriving carpet business in Queens, New York City. The store has nearly reached capacity; it’s overflowing with rolls of carpets in various colors, patterns, and fabrics. A member of Grameen America, Irene has been receiving microloans for more than three years and is on her seventh loan.

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