Meet Anna

Five years ago, Anna had a dream to start her own business. With only $300 in savings from her four years working at a local fast food store, she took a chance and opened a 10x10 foot men’s clothing store. It was clear there was a future for her shop, but without access to further capital, she was unable to grow the new business.

A customer of Anna’s told her about Grameen America, and with her first loan of $1,500, Anna rented a space six times larger than her original store and expanded her inventory to include children’s clothes, hats and jackets.

Anna’s business is now successful and growing – and she’s already been able to put $2,000 into her Grameen America savings account to ensure her family and business will be secure for years to come. Anna’s favorite part of the program is the group model which gives her a sense of community and support.