Bronx-based Community Health Worker Initiative Improves Women’s Health Knowledge and Access to Care

An assessment of the Grameen Promotoras initiative in the Bronx found significant improvements in local women’s knowledge of health topics and access to health care. The majority of the women in the program lack health insurance and are isolated from the mainstream health system, so Grameen Promotoras plays a crucial role in providing and connecting them to essential services.

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Grameen America Hits $1 Billion Milestone in Microloans to Low-Income Women

Grameen America, the fastest-growing microfinance organization in the United States, has distributed a historic $1 billion in microloans to more than 100,000 low-income women entrepreneurs in the country since its inception 10 years ago. “This record $1 billion achievement is proof that the model can scale successfully, and we are excited to see where the next decade takes us,” said Muhammad Yunus, Chair of Grameen America.

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Press ReleaseGrameen America
How Technology is Allowing Us to Scale

To keep up with our rapid growth and provide the best services to our members, last year we completed a multi-year project migrating to a cloud-based management information system. We recently published a paper that documents our transition to this new technology, its multiple benefits, and lessons learned.

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Grameen America
Meet Aracely

Aracely sells a range of items at her store in Omaha, Nebraska—everything from jewelry to electronics. With 13 microloans—and counting—from Grameen America, she has been able to expand her inventory and sell an even wider variety. She says her life has been transformed since she stopped working at a meat factory, opened her own store, and joined Grameen America.

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Meet Irene

Irene used to struggle to make ends meet, but now she runs a thriving carpet business in Queens, New York City. The store has nearly reached capacity; it’s overflowing with rolls of carpets in various colors, patterns, and fabrics. A member of Grameen America, Irene has been receiving microloans for more than three years and is on her seventh loan.

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