Meet Karla

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Before joining Grameen America, Karla worked long hours in hospitality at a low wage. In her time off, she catered Mexican dishes to friends and family in her community while developing a vision for her restaurant.

Karla dreamed of starting her own business but she lacked access to capital due to the financial requirements needed to qualify for a traditional loan. When a friend told her about Grameen America, she was eager to become a member and secure capital for her fledgling business.

With her solid hospitality experience and the drive to see the restaurant come to fruition, Karla launched her business in a bustling mall in Houston. Karla’s customers enjoy the authentic mix of Mexican cuisine on her menu. One of her favorite parts of owning a restaurant is watching her customers return to order their favorite meals, time and again.


“Thanks to Grameen America, I have been able to open my own restaurant. I’m very happy to see how my business has progressed. I see big changes every day.”

Now, Karla’s finances are more secure than before she became a member. She employs two staff members to help serve customers and clean the restaurant. Karla reinvests any additional income into her business as she wants to expand in the future. Her timely loan repayments are reported to the credit bureaus and Karla’s credit score has substantially improved since joining Grameen America.

Karla is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who walks through her restaurant’s door feels at home and her customers appreciate the quality service and affordable prices.

She has built close ties with her fellow Grameen America members who meet weekly to repay their loans at their center meeting. On a personal level, the women share news about their businesses to their community.

“I want other women to know how good it feels to build your own business. I managed to open my business with a lot of effort and dedication. I believe that other women can too.”

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