Finding Financial Independence

Joining Grameen America has allowed Maria to be her own boss. When she initially heard about the program from a friend, she was enthusiastic. “I liked that I would be able to start a small business from home while still being able to look after my kids.”


With help from Grameen, she was able to start her own home cleaning service. The loans enabled her to hire a crew and purchase supplies. She hopes to be able to buy a car soon so she can easily transport her equipment and travel to houses that are farther away. 

Being a part of Grameen America’s program has helped her in other ways. “When I got a letter from the bank about my credit score, I was thrilled to see how high it has gotten since I joined Grameen,” she said. With a better credit history, Maria will be more likely to realize her dream of buying a car. In addition to the cleaning business, she also produces catalogues with items that can be ordered online, like sheets, covers, clothing, and shoes.

Maria is already planning for her cleaning company’s future. She hopes to expand, hire new employees, and eventually be successful enough to take some vacation days to travel and visit her mother in Mexico—whom she hasn’t seen in 26 years.

Maria says that her children are proud of the work she has done with the help of Grameen America—which has changed her life. “Grameen provides support for women who are low income. I will always be thankful to have been a part of this amazing group of women. It is truly something unique.”