Meet Loruin

Loruin is a fiercely dedicated businesswomen and mother of four, who loves baking her favorite Mexican pastries. However, Loruin was struggling financially to support herself and her children just with her small bakery. But when a friend introduced her to Grameen America, everything changed. With the help of several microloans, Loruin expanded her bakery, opened her own electronics shop, and has hopes of entering the restaurant business in the near future.

Loruin joined Grameen America in 2010 with a microloan of $1,500. Over the course of the past 7 years, Grameen America has invested over $80,000 in Loruin and her business, which has continued to thrive and grow. Each subsequent loan enabled her to buy more product, increasing her output from 3 to 6 types of breads, and gave her the opportunity to hire two more employees at the bakery. Just 4 years after joining Grameen America, Loruin opened her own electronics shop, which serves as a second source of income for her and her family. As a passionate and motivated member, Loruin says: “With Grameen America I’m now in the $11,000 loan, so that’s a lot of help. I don’t want to stop, I want to keep on expanding my business.”

Importantly, before Grameen America, Loruin had a poor credit score that prohibited her from obtaining loans from a traditional bank. However, with the structured weekly center meetings and the support of her group, Loruin was able to build a robust credit score by learning the foundations of being a responsible business owner. She says, “When I joined I had absolutely no credit. Grameen America helped me build my credit and that has given me so many benefits. My credit right now is good. I  have learned that with responsibility and communication I can do a lot.”

Loruin’s ambition keeps her moving forward, as she plans to open her own restaurant in 3-5 years. Grameen America has given her the tools and financial support to both set and reach these long-term goals. With the help of Grameen and her personal drive, she has ensured a secure future for her children and herself and looks forward to her next business opportunity.


Now I have created a future for my children. I can say that my financial situation has changed extremely and Grameen America has changed my life completely.
— Loruin