Meet Celia

Celia has always had a passion for empowering other women to take control of their own health. A few years ago, she did not think this dream was possible. Her divorce left her with credit card and car payments that she could not afford and a destroyed credit score. 

After repeatedly getting denied for loans through traditional banks, a friend introduced Celia to Grameen America. After joining the program in 2013, she was able to receive a loan of $1,500, allowing her to start her own small business. She explained, “Finally, here was an institution that would give me a second chance and allow me to achieve my dream of opening a fitness studio.”


Today, as the owner of an exercise studio in Los Angeles, California, she enjoys helping other members of her community stay fit. Now on her seventh loan of $8,600, she has borrowed $33,800 cumulatively from Grameen America since joining. With the help of Grameen America, Celia has been able to buy everything from stationary bikes to kettlebells. She runs a budding business, while empowering other women in her community to stay fit. Celia has future goals to expand her space, and is proud that her gym has become a place for women to stay healthy and have fun.