Meet Reyna

As a mother of seven, Reyna was inspired to start her own business not only to provide for her children, but also to set an example of how hard work can truly pay off. She recently opened a storefront called Beauty Boutique in North Austin, TX. Shortly after setting up shop, she joined Grameen America with hopes of expanding her business.

Since joining Grameen America, Reyna has received three loans. With her first $1,500 loan, she was able to pay for paint, merchandise, display shelves and jewelry cases.  Now on her third loan, she has made several technological advancements and can accept both cash and credit card payments. These advances ensure her shop will remain competitive and allow her to focus on other aspects of her business.

As her shop quickly grows, Reyna has big plans for the future. She has a strong local client base and hopes of moving into a larger space in a busier area closer to her customers in downtown Austin. She believes that, with the help of Grameen America and the savings she has accrued, she will be able to achieve her entrepreneurial goals. Reyna also aspires to one day share managerial duties with her 25 year-old daughter. Reyna is grateful for the support Grameen America has given her to help jump-start her budding new business.