A Decade of Empowerment: Grameen America’s 2017 Annual Report

This year, Grameen America celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are proud to share our 2017 Annual Report, A Decade of Empowerment, which highlights our accomplishments and milestones over the last 10 years and the many impressive achievements of our members. 

The report features the timeline of a woman named Loruin, who has been a member of Grameen America since 2010, and has grown and diversified her bakery business, built a robust credit score, and is working towards opening her own restaurant.

Since our inception, we have invested more than $820 million in low-income women entrepreneurs like Loruin and their small businesses across the country. Later in 2018, we will hit the major milestone of having disbursed a total of $1 billion to more than 100,000 women.

In the report, you will find information about our work in 20 branches, our financials, and our partners and investors.