Grameen America Celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

November 19th is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – a day to empower and support women entrepreneurs across the world. Grameen America is honored to take part and celebrate our community of over 58,000 women entrepreneurs across the country.

Since Grameen America was established in 2008, we have been able to expand our lending to eleven cities and invest over $340 million in microloans to low-income women entrepreneurs. What we’ve seen in each city is a real need to support America’s entrepreneurial women who too often lack the basic tools they need to start their own businesses.  Despite the rise in women-owned businesses, women entrepreneurs continue to face barriers in their journey to business ownership, including a lack of access to credit. 

Grameen America’s President and CEO, Andrea Jung, will join the official Women’s Entrepreneurship Day convening on November 19th and discuss the need fo further economic inclusion for women.

“Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is not just a day to celebrate the world’s women entrepreneurs – it’s also a call to action to empower and support women business owners around the world to achieve their full potential,” said Jung. “Women have proven to be the engines of economic growth both in their local communities as well as on a global level.”

Our borrowers represent just a portion of the growing number of women across the United States who are starting their own businesses, gaining financial independence, and contributing to their families and communities.

Grameen America is proud to celebrate their success and is committed to providing a path towards entrepreneurship for women in need across the country. The stories of our borrowers - such as MariaElvia or Susana – are testaments to the fact that entrepreneurship is truly a cause worth celebrating and supporting.

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