Weekly Roundup: Celebrities for Social Development

There has been a tremendous amount of celebrity buzz about social development and women's empowerment recently. This week's roundup covers Grameen America Board Chair Professor Muhammad Yunus' visit with Pope Francis and fellow Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, John Legend’s involvement in a women’s empowerment campaign, and the billionaires’ “Giving Pledge.”

  • Professor Yunus traveled to the Vatican City to meet with Pope Francis and other influential leaders to discuss a new global economic policy addressing unemployment, poverty, and dependence on state charity.
  • Professor Yunus then went to Myanmar to meet with fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner and politician, Aung San Suu Kyi. The two spoke about the future of social business in Myanmar and its role in the country’s development.
  • John Legend showed his support for the female empowerment campaign #OperationGirl by featuring a variety of women of all ages in his latest single You and I (Nobody in the World). The Grammy award winner voiced his goals for the project in a statement: “Through #OperationGirl we hope to amplify the voices and impact of the many organizations doing great work on behalf of girls and women.”
John Legend participated in female empowerment campaign #OperationGirl

John Legend participated in female empowerment campaign #OperationGirl

  • The new age of philanthropy: 60 Minutes featured a segment on the Giving Pledge established by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates. The pledge requires billionaires to give away 50% of their net worth either during their lifetime or in their will. Over 100 people have signed on to give the majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes or charitable organizations. Find out who signed the pledge.