Individual Impact

Last year, Maria worked grueling 10-hour shifts steaming shirts at a dry cleaner. Looking to build a better life for herself and her daughter, she dreamed of running her own business. Through a friend, Maria met a Grameen America Center Manager who guided her through the program and helped her secure a $1,500 loan. She purchased a used ice cream van and stock of ice cream and candies. Maria is now a proud entrepreneur who is in control of her income, building assets, establishing her credit and most importantly, balancing her roles as mother and breadwinner.
With her family recipe in hand, Maria began selling homemade Mexican cheeses to friends and neighbors. Her customers loved her product and as word spread, Maria worked tirelessly to keep up with demand. She was earning money, but needed capital to scale her small business and increase her family’s income. With a $1,500 microloan from Grameen America, Maria was able to buy equipment to store and prepare large batches of cheese. Today, she makes surplus cheese in advance to keep up with demand and increase her sales.
A 22-year old artist in Indianapolis, Nancy joined Grameen America to create and sell larger volumes of her inspiring ‘Repujado’ style art. She has had great success selling her pieces to local restaurants, churches and friends. Her dream is to open a second enterprise – a catering service and restaurant – which will allow her to display her work and involve her whole family in the business.


25 peers meet weekly


50 sessions each year


670 average score within
6 months


$1,200 in additional income


$100 deposited annually


Community Impact

Small businesses transform communities by creating jobs and generating income.

National Impact

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  New York, NY Women 48,685 Loans 178,115 $ Invested $445.4MM   Omaha, NE Women 7,020 Loans 25,520 $ Invested $59.8MM   Indianapolis, IN Women 4,195 Loans 11,755 $ Invested $19.7MM   San Francisco Bay Area, CA Women 5,665 Loans 20,360 $ Invested $46.4MM   Charlotte, NC Women 5,980 Loans 19,065 $ Invested $45.2MM   Los Angeles, CA Women 8,485 Loans 23,395 $ Invested $38.6MM   Austin, TX Women 2,565 Loans 6,025 $ Invested $10.3MM   Boston, MA Women 2,355 Loans 5,595 $ Invested $10.8MM   San Jose, CA Women 2,505 Loans 6,095 $ Invested $10.6MM   Union City, NJ Women 1,950 Loans 4,785 $ Invested $8.6MM   San Juan, Puerto Rico Women 2,780 Loans 6,385 $ Invested $8.0MM   Newark, NJ Women 115 Loans 120 $ Invested 150,000
2008 500 Women
$1.1MM Invested
2009 2,190 Women
$4.2MM Invested
2010 4,860 Women
$13.1MM Invested
2011 9,155 Women
$31.8MM Invested
2012 15,445 Women
$66.2MM Invested
2013 26,300 Women
$128.9MM Invested
2014 43,204 Women
$230MM Invested
2015 64,295 Women
$381.9MM Invested
2016 86,435 Women
$590.9MM Invested
2017 92,290 Women
$704.0MM Invested

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