National Impact

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  New York, NY Women 50,591 Loans 196,736 $ Invested $511MM   Omaha, NE Women 7,160 Loans 27,603 $ Invested $66.36MM   Indianapolis, IN Women 4,417 Loans 13,305 $ Invested $23.42MM   San Francisco Bay Area, CA Women 5,967 Loans 23,072 $ Invested $54.36MM   Charlotte, NC Women 6,422 Loans 22,158 $ Invested $54.68MM   Los Angeles, CA Women 9,208 Loans 28,154 $ Invested $47.82MM   Austin, TX Women 2,734 Loans 7,122 $ Invested $12.83MM   Boston, MA Women 2,658 Loans 6,914 $ Invested $13.96MM   San Jose, CA Women 2,770 Loans 7,480 $ Invested $13.95MM   Union City, NJ Women 2,242 Loans 5,994 $ Invested $11.25MM   San Juan, Puerto Rico Women 2,801 Loans 7,742 $ Invested $9.34MM   Newark, NJ Women 287 Loans 365 $ Invested $542,997
2008 500 Women
$1.1MM Invested
2009 2,190 Women
$4.2MM Invested
2010 4,860 Women
$13.1MM Invested
2011 9,155 Women
$31.8MM Invested
2012 15,445 Women
$66.2MM Invested
2013 26,300 Women
$128.9MM Invested
2014 43,204 Women
$230MM Invested
2015 64,295 Women
$381.9MM Invested
2016 86,435 Women
$590.9MM Invested
2017 97,280 Women
$820MM Invested
2018 100,000 Women
$870MM Invested

Individual Impact

Irma has always had a love for sewing, and with the help of Grameen America she opened her own tailoring school. Since joining in 2012, Grameen has invested over $40,000 in her business in which Irma has used to purchase equipment and invest in legal services to accredit her school. Currently, Irma teaches a class sizes of 6 students on sewing techniques, pattern-making and tailoring. With the help of Grameen America, Irma hopes to expand the variety of her classes to include other trade industries, such as carpentry and mechanics, to offer a second source of income for skilled workers and a diverse range of classes for those within the community.
Not only does Nzinga enjoy the process of creating art, but has also enjoys the responsibilities of running her own business. Nzinga first joined Grameen American in 2015 with a $1,000 loan that she used to purchase raw materials she uses to make and sell clothing and ceramics. She has since taken out three additional loans totaling $5,700 that she has used to expand the variety of her products. She is grateful for the support that Grameen America has provided and has taken the initiative to become a leader among her peers and host weekly meetings at her shop to support fellow women entrepreneurs. As she looks to the future, she hopes to expand her shop in order to accommodate her own kiln to fire and glaze pottery on site.
Loriun is a fiercely dedicated businesswomen and mother of four, who loves baking her favorite Mexican pastries. However, Loriun was struggling financially to support herself and her children just with her small bakery. But when a friend introduced her to Grameen America, everything changed. Loriun joined Grameen America in 2010 with a microloan of $1,500. Over the course of the past 7 years, Grameen America has invested over $80,000 in Loriun and her business, helping her expand her bakery, open an electronics shop, and set long term goals of opening her own restaurant. She is so thankful for the help Grameen has provided in creating a stable future for her and her children.
Herlinda heard about Grameen America from a few friends and took out her first loan of $1,000 in 2014 in which she used to rent a storefront for her homemade ice creams and yogurts business. To date, Herlinda has taken out three loans totaling $3,500 from Grameen America. She used her most recent loan towards purchasing a new refrigerator and a juice maker to improve her inventory. With the help of six of her employees, Herlinda’s business is thriving and brings in around $3,000 a week. With these microloans, Herlinda has not only been able to open her own ice cream shop but she can now support her family and education for her three children.
Joann joined Grameen America in 2016 with a microloan of $1,500. She used the extra money to invest in marketing materials, which enabled her to reach a broader audience in the community. As her business expanded her demand increased, surpassing the baking materials she had. Therefore, with her second loan of $2,000, Joann bought new baking pans that allowed her to take on bigger orders and service larger food festivals. Because of her membership with Grameen America, Joann has become a part of a community full of strong female entrepreneurs. She loves getting different peoples’ points of views at her Center Meetings, and the ongoing process of sharing ideas and advice with other business owners.


25 peers meet weekly


50 sessions each year


670 average score within
6 months


$1,200 in additional income


$100 deposited annually


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Small businesses transform communities by creating jobs and generating income.

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