We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Member Development Program focused on financial literacy, business training, and digital education. The program is designed to give Grameen America’s entrepreneurs additional tools to grow their businesses, increase financial health, and equip them with knowledge to better provide for their families.
Joann joined Grameen America in 2016 with a microloan of $1,500. She used the extra money to invest in marketing materials, which enabled her to reach a broader audience in the community.
Since joining Grameen America in 2013, Guadalupe has taken out a total of $30,000 in microloans. She just recently received her 8th loan, an impressive $8,000, which she is using to buy another fridge for the restaurant.
With Grameen America, Loriun was able to expand her bakery, open her own electronics shop and has plans to enter the restaurant business in the future.
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When Ledy took over her family's market stand in Oakland, CA she needed extra capital to diversify the products at her stand. With the help of Grameen America, she finally had the financial flexibility to do so.
July 4th is not only a day to celebrate American independence but also to celebrate financial independence for our 90,000 members!
Irma has always had a love for sewing. With the help of Grameen America she opened her own tailoring school. Now on her 10th loan, she continues to invest in legal services to accredit her school so her students can leave with a set of skills and a diploma they can feel proud of.
We’re proud to announce we have reached several milestones at our newest Grameen America branch in Newark, NJ.
Nzinga first joined Grameen American in 2015 with a $1,000 loan that she used to purchase raw materials. She has since taken out three additional loans, totaling $5,700.

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