S.M. Nurul Kabir

Regional Director, Central and Southeast Region

Mr. Kabir oversees all branches in Grameen America's Central and Southeast Region as Regional Director. Before assuming this position, Mr. Kabir managed 4300 active Borrowers in the Jackson Heights Branch in Queens, New York City, from September 2012 to March 2017, during which the GAI 1ST Branch achieved the milestone of sustainability.

Prior to joining Grameen America, Mr. Kabir worked as Regional Director for Grameen Carso in Mexico. He also successfully applied the Grameen methodology to the” Myanmar Grameen Replication Project” with the UNDP and the UNOPS in Myanmar. As part of this project, he visited Grameen Bun Rural Program in Guatemala and gained important language skills and cultural experience.

Mr. Kabir began his career with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh in 1985 as Trainee Officer. He then became Branch Manager, Team Leader of Audit, Program Officer, Area Manager, and then worked in the Operation & Coordination Department at Grameen Bank’s head office in Dhaka. Former President of the Republic of Bangladesh Hussain Muhammad Ershad once made a surprise visit to Mr. Kabir’ s branch (Baowal Raja Bari), and he successfully managed this interview and the President’s visit of the site.

Mr. Kabir is a Master Degree holder of Chittagong University in Bangladesh.