Individual Supporters

Our donors—Investors in Her—are empowering tens of thousands of low-income women entrepreneurs to realize the American Dream. With their help, we are mobilizing a national movement to end inequality by giving women access to capital to fight poverty and build a better life.

Our individual supporters provide us with gifts to ensure we can provide loans to women and support our work across the country. They also become important Grameen America ambassadors in their communities to further support our program and our members. To learn more about opportunities to get involved, please contact Mindee Barham at


Lexie Toorock

Why I Support Grameen America

As a very young woman, I knew that I wanted to work in the business world. I wanted a career like my mother, who combined her expertise in her industry with her desire to champion causes that lift people. It was not until I gained my own firsthand experiences in business, and discovered a unique organization, that my own greater purpose become clear—to empower women in business.

While many women can have it all, for others the cards are still stacked against them. As a supporter of Grameen America over the past years, I am able to support women entrepreneurs who are offered a fair and equal shot at their goals. I have seen firsthand how women have turned an idea and a $2,000 loan into successful businesses, like auto repair shops, hair salons, and jewelry stores. All they needed was someone willing to take the chance on them.

When I look at how I spend my time and resources, it is important to me that a significant portion is dedicated to supporting Grameen America. For me, this has manifested through various peer fundraisers, like my recent 30th birthday party. I worked closely with the organization to make my fundraising efforts to my friends, family and associates more powerful, such as leveraging their text-to-give option for a raffle. I believe that your wallet is just one way to help organizations you are passionate about—you can also share your ideas, your time, and your network to help that organization grow.

Grameen America is truly a unicorn of an organization—one that combines empowering women with a sustainable economic model. This means that for every $1 donated, the organization turns that into $12 over 10 years since the loans are repaid and reinvested over time. The Grameen America model serves as a very practical solution to wealth inequality, a global phenomenon that will continue to run rampant if we do not solve it ourselves.

I have supported Grameen America for several years and plan on continuing to spread their impact with my community and beyond.


Cole Harmonson

Why I Support Grameen America

I’m Cole Harmonson, CEO and Co-founder of Far West Capital in Austin, TX and a Grameen America Investor in Her. I’m one of the 27 million entrepreneurs across America. It’s hard to start a business, but it’s nearly impossible without support. My company, Far West Capital in Austin, TX, helps small business entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing working capital to grow their companies.

I support Grameen America because together we are helping low-income women improve their lives and strengthen their communities.

Like my company, Grameen America believes in giving people the support they need to build their businesses. I got involved with Grameen America when they expanded to Austin because I believe in a double bottom line: Individuals and companies can do well and do good. We must combine profit and purpose to leverage the power of the private sector to build the world we want to live in.

I can personally attest to the fulfillment and gratification of taking part in such a meaningful endeavor.  I hope you’ll join me and Invest in Her.