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Meet Rene

Rene has always had a passion for reconstruction and clothing design. After losing her stable job of over 20 years, her son encouraged her to follow her dream by enrolling in a program at a local university to study sustainable clothing. 

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Meet Magdalena

Growing up, Magdalena heard and believed that women don’t work and are dependent on men. Now, having started her own business, she thinks quite differently. After receiving a series of loans from Grameen America, Magdalena now has her own bar and restaurant called Tacopeton in the Bronx.

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Meet Irma

Irma has always had a love for sewing. With the help of Grameen America, she opened her own tailoring school. Now on her 10th loan, she continues to invest in legal services to accredit her school so her students can leave with a set of skills and a diploma they can feel proud of.

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