Meet Ines

Mon, 2016-06-06 16:24

Ines worked hard to start her own business, using her creativity and passion to open her own small flower arrangement shop in New York City. As her business took off, she began earning a reputation within her community and demand grew rapidly for her special arrangements. With limited resources, she had trouble keeping up with this demand and her business suffered.

It was at this point that she was introduced to Grameen America. She has been with the Grameen America program for two years now and is currently on her third loan cycle of $2,000. She takes care to reinvest her loan funds into her business by diversifying her merchandise, improving her storefront and covering her rising business expenses.

Ines is very proud of how successful her business has become. She works hard with her husband to sell bouquets, create custom arrangements, and provide consulting services for special occasions. To divide the workload, Ines prepares the flower arrangements and her husband handles the deliveries. Together, they are grateful they have been able to expand their business and provide for their three young children. Ines says that without Grameen America, she would not be able to overcome the hurdles her business has faced throughout the years.

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