Grameen America Celebrates (Financial) Independence Day

Wed, 2014-07-02 15:44

This Friday celebrate female entrepreneurship in America! As you spend time with family and friends to celebrate the country's independence, be sure to think of women like Silvia, who have overcome obstacles to achieve their own financial independence. Silvia is a mother from Austin, who spent 10 hours a day earning less than minimum wage steaming shirts. Silvia is ambitious and determined to build a better life for her family. A friend of Silvia’s introduced her to a Center Manager at Grameen America, who guided Silvia through Grameen’s program and provided her with a microloan of $1,500. With this loan, Silvia purchased an ice cream truck that she uses to sell ice cream and candy throughout the neighborhood. Silvia’s new business allows her to control her income and build assets and her credit score. Most importantly, Silvia can now provide for her family and spend more time with her children. Silvia’s hard work and drive allowed her to become truly financially independent. Cheers to Silvia and all the other amazing entrepreneurs out there!

Silvia used her Grameen America microloan to purchase an ice cream truck



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