Meet Baily Kempner

Tue, 2011-11-29 08:17
Baily is a rock within Grameen America. With her vibrant personality and go-getter attitude, Baily exudes the essence of social entrepreneurship! What is your role as an Advisory Board Member? What compelled you to get involved Microfinance!! Here in the US!!! Are you kidding me?! Whoohooo!! This was my first reaction to learning about Grameen America. I was as shocked to learn that the Bangladeshi model worked here in the US as I was thrilled for the implications for impoverished Americans. As an Advisory Board Member, I endeavor to tap into all of my abilities and resources to support Grameen America in achieving that scale. How did you become involved in the microfinance space? I first learned about microfinance while working at Lehman Brothers in the late 2000s. I loved Lehman (I did!), but, I realized that I was looking for something greater to believe in. I joined a number of the professional microfinance networks in NYC and became enamored of private sector concepts of poverty alleviation and economic transformation more broadly. What is one fact most people would never guess about you? I'm a mountain climber! Or I'm a New Yorker! One or the other manages to surprise people. Truth is, I was born and raised in Manhattan, but my soul is in the mountains. Recently I have gotten hooked on more technical mountaineering, ice climbing, and rock climbing. Where do you envision Grameen America will be in 10 years time? 100,000 borrowers, $100 MM loan portfolio, 30 US branches, 98%+ repayment and small savings products, Attract private sector talent and "home-grow" branch managers, Strategic partnerships with top US banks - on a non-exclusive basis, Take bets on financial innovation, such as mobile banking technology, Loan officers are top university graduates, GA Brand = borrower first, pride and honor, upward mobility, transformation, measurable success Too much to ask? ;-)

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