To keep up with our rapid growth and provide the best services to our members, last year we completed a multi-year project migrating to a cloud-based management information system. We recently published a paper that documents our transition to this new technology, its multiple benefits, and lessons learned.
Irene used to struggle to make ends meet, but now she runs a thriving carpet business in Queens, New York City. The store has nearly reached capacity; it’s overflowing with rolls of carpets in various colors, patterns, and fabrics. A member of Grameen America, Irene has been receiving microloans for more than three years and is on her seventh loan.
Grameen America is quickly advancing the technology we use for our loan transactions, benefiting our members and organization alike. With new cashless methods, our members will be better equipped to navigate the increasingly digital economy.
Alejandrina has always been a hard worker. Before joining Grameen, she held various jobs as a food saleswoman, a warehouse employee, and a housekeeper. Now, she runs her own beauty salon in Indianapolis.
Lanise and Janine co-own a trendy clothing store in Harlem, New York City, and a loan from Grameen has allowed them to upgrade their payment system and increase customer satisfaction. The two women are also giving back to their community by supporting and teaching young entrepreneurs.
Joining Grameen America has allowed Maria to be her own boss. She now has her own home cleaning business and loans enabled her to hire a crew and purchase supplies. She hopes to expand and have more employees some day.
At just 24 years old, Jannet Ramirez is a staff member on a steep rise. She joined the organization as Trainee Center Manager in our Indianapolis branch five years ago and is being promoted to Assistant Branch Manager. We spoke with Jannet about what drew her to Grameen America and how she has grown in the job.
Petra has always loved cooking and five years ago she decided to turn her passion for food into a business.
Grameen America has received a $100,000 grant from Synchrony, building upon the three-year relationship between the two organizations. Grameen America has branches in 13 cities nationwide, including areas where Synchrony has offices in North Carolina and California.
Ricaida has been learning about much more than business and savings at her weekly Grameen America center meetings. What she has learned recently has had a big impact on her health.

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