Member Highlight: Olivia

Fri, 2017-01-27 10:58
Olivia took her lifelong passion for fashion and started her own business to sell custom textiles, clothing and accessories. Her goal is to one day move her seamstress business to a loft space where she can manufacture her own textiles and hire employees to help expand her business. She also hopes to be a mentor to other women working fashion that want to start or grow their own businesses. 
Prior to joining Grameen America, Olivia lived in Jamaica for over thirty years and worked in various industries. With the need to provide for her two children, she was not able to pursue her goal of starting her own business. After she moved to the United States, she had the freedom she needed to take a risk and start her own clothing store. Without the capital she needed, her business grew slowly at first. Olivia heard about Grameen America and thought it was the perfect opportunity for her to expand her footing in the industry, as she was able to use her first loan to purchase raw materials. She took out her first Grameen America loan in 2015. Today, she is on her fourth loan and was able to purchase a new sewing machine to meet the growing demand for her textiles and clothing items.  
Olivia says that Grameen America has given her the support and resources she needs to realize her professional goals, and she looks forward to continuing her membership to support other women and grow her business. 


Photo by Dan Martinez


Photo by Dan Martinez

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