Meet Perla

Wed, 2016-04-13 15:06

Perla worked for a national hotel chain, earning only $25 for every long night shift. She had dreams of finding a job that would provide a more solid income and flexible hours that would allow her to take care of her three young children.

In 2012, Perla heard about Grameen America from a friend. Not only would the program allow her to take out a small loan to start her own business, but she would also be linked to a support group of her peers as well as financial services and business training.

With her first loan of $1,000, she purchased enough used clothing to set up a stand at a local gas station and sell the goods. Within two years, Perla had graduated to a $3,600 loan with Grameen America that allowed her to move from the gas station into her own storefront, where she now sells dresses, shoes and accessories. During the busy summer season, Perla is even able to hire an employee to help her keep up. Her children are now with her after school and she’s an inspiration to her community.

With regular hours and a steady income, she is proud of what she has accomplished for her and her family.

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