Meet Grameen America Volunteer Michael!

Tue, 2011-11-01 12:11

If you could create a tweet that describes your career path, what would it be? (140 characters or less).

Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. #grameen #microfinance

How did you hear about Grameen America?

I originally came across Grameen Bank while researching poverty alleviation in Latin America and Asia. Once Grameen came to America I was determined to work with the org, so here I am. I believe that Grameen can work anywhere in the world where there’s poor people who want to improve their situation.


Why were you drawn to get involved with microfinance/Grameen America?Grameen’s approach, in my mind, makes practical sense in the fight against poverty. I do not support charging high interest to those with the less capacity to pay. This backward practice in addition to many others led me to seek out an economic system built on a more justified set of principles.

What is a favorite movie of yours? And how has it inspired your career path?

My favorite movie is “A Beautiful Mind”. It’s about an economist who went crazy trying to come up with an original idea. The concept of an original idea has been “my thing” from the beginning. I have always wanted to devise an economic system not constrained by theories of communism, socialism or capitalism —something new, something “Original”, something that will make hungry children and all the social ills that come from poverty extinct.

Who is one person whose career you greatly admire and why?

In addition to Muhammad Yunus, I would have to say John Nash. Both have been able to defy the odds and humble all those who didn’t see their vision. They both possess the audaciousness required to make the impossible possible by displaying the power of a determined idea.

What is one fact most people would never guess about you?

I’m really a mama’s boy.

Who is one person whose changemaking career you greatly admire and why?

I would have to say Sean Carter [Jay-Z]. His early beginning as a street hustler was admirable in how he circumvented the ultimate end that comes with living that way of life—usually death or prison. Now he is a business man worth half a billion dollars. His understanding and application of practical business principles enabled him to adapt and prosper to an unprecedented level. All this with his integrity intact.

If you could be one superhero, which one would it be?



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