Meet Elvia

Tue, 2015-09-22 13:07

Until three years ago, Elvia worked 14-hour night shifts at a local meat-packing plant. In order to make a better life for herself and her three young children, she looked to Grameen America to start her own business and become financially empowered. With her first microloan of $1,000 from Grameen America in 2011, Elvia started her business selling rebar to local construction companies.

Today, Elvia is on her ninth loan of $9,000 and is a proud owner of a growing business that employs several people to help her keep up with the increasing demand. She invests her Grameen America loan funds back into her company in order to grow her client base, manage projects more efficiently and increase her employees’ pay.

Elvia says Grameen America has not only empowered her to be a successful entrepreneur, but has also encouraged her to be more involved in her community, be a better role model for her children, and increase her savings. 


Photo by Sara Rogers


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