Grameen America and Grameen PrimaCare Launch Integrated Services Model to Empower Low-Income Women

Thu, 2016-02-25 13:38

This week, Grameen America and Grameen PrimaCare, a nonprofit organization providing underserved women with high-quality, affordable health services, announced a partnership to expand and promote access to economic opportunity and health care among underserved women in New York City.

To build on Grameen America’s success and more fully address the needs of women in the New York City community, the two organizations have co-located in Queens, NY. Grameen PrimaCare's clinic, VidaSana, is a comprehensive health program that provides primary care, preventive services and health education to underserved women, while decreasing out-of-pocket costs and expensive ER visits.

By combining financial inclusion with access to basic health services, the location provides a unique opportunity for low-income women in the community to have their financial and health needs met in one place.

Read the full press release.

Watch the video.

Professor Muhammad Yunus,Grameen America Board Chairman and Co-Founder of Grameen PrimaCare, announces the co-location in Queens, NY. 

Grameen America President Andrea Jung celebrates the launch with members of Grameen America and Grameen VidaSana. 

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